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Fast track your success in life and business by removing the guess work, getting into GO mode, and finding precision in your purpose, so you can finally create the fulfilling, liberating and powerful life that you know is meant for you.
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What trips you up and slows you down is the perpetual loops of self doubt, the constant confusion, the unconscious chasing of someone else's success which is inauthentic to you, and living from your limited mind rather than your limitless being.

In MOMENTUM, we work together to structure your unique paradigm of success, align you with your divine purpose, and activate your creative power, so you can collapse time, move with certainty and impact others with your genius from a place of authenticity and ease.

Meet Your Mentor.

As the perfect blend of psychic meets strategy, Emma catalyses people into their greatness by aligning them with their highest potential, activating their peak performance and anchoring them into their divine purpose, so they can actualise their authentic success and share their unique gifts and genius with the world to create a lasting impact in the collective.
She has worked as a guide for business owners and leaders for the last 6 years, leveraging her psychic ability to fast track her clients into alignment and uses her strategic mind to create practical and actionable plans to actualise her clients into their highest potential. 

Where Your Potential, Performance and Purpose Synergise.

MOMENTUM is a 6 month hybrid mentorship combining the potency and personalisation of private mentoring with the power of a mastermind, to provide the ultimate breeding ground for your success in life and in business. 
It's where your potential, performance and purpose synergise.
To streamline your success, I combine psychic guidance, with practical success systems and transformational teachings to keep you aligned, supported and on the fast track.
This signature experience is built for purpose driven Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Business Owners and Influencers who are dedicated to knowing what they're truly capable of and who are deeply passionate about creating an impact that is felt and experienced by many.  



A 90 minute psychically channeled strategy session to kick off your journey, where I strategise your unique life and business success blueprint that connects you with your authentic purpose and defines a specific road map to actualise your goals.

Private Success Coaching Calls
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6 months of bi-weekly 45 minute alignment calls offering personalised psychic guidance, transformational work and strategic feedback on your life and business, to ensure that you stay on the FAST TRACK to actualising your success.

Unlimited Voxer Support

Unlimited voice message access to me between calls, to provide you with additional support as and when desired, offering you perspective shifts, feedback and reflecting your blind spots for personal transformation and professional acceleration.


Access to the Momentum Mastermind Group 


Monthly group calls with hot-seat coaching and thought-provoking transformational teachings.

Group Voxer Community


Access to the Momentum Mastermind Voxer community with like minded conscious leaders, there to support one-another in their growth journey's 

Join The Thousands of Other People Who Have Been Touched By This Work...

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Business Coach and Soul Architect

Emma is a true catalyst for change. Her knowledge and wisdom is both impactful and inspiring.


 Spiritual Teacher and  Founder of Divination Amulets

This is the difference between a teacher who just inspires, and one who transforms the way you choose to move and behave in the world. Reprogramming at its finest.


Mentor, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Emma has given our community so much impactful value with her teachings. A true inspiring leader in this work with a wealth of knowledge for those looking to shift into a more aligned & optimized state.

 MOMENTUM is Waiting for You.

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